Road Movie (World Premiere)



a 1969 VW Beetle, armed with Super 8 black and white film, and a Gretsch guitar!
In March of 2019, Tucson musician and composer Gabriel Naïm Amor and filmmaker Justin Clowes set off on a tour of southern Arizona in a 1969 VW Beetle. Armed with a bundle of Super 8 black and white film, and a Gretsch guitar, the duo took every opportunity to play music, shoot film, and drink tequila. The desert is often described an empty space, a place where nothing happens. Its naked landscape seems to change very little from one season to the next. They listened, breathed, and didn’t rush anywhere, just letting the environment manifest around them. This is their Road Movie. Road Movie (World Premiere) Directed by Justin Clowes slowmotiontrax USA/2021/20 min

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Directed by Justin Clowes

Production Company slowmotiontrax

Cast Gabriel Naïm Amor

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